Monday, 6 July 2009

Brief list of people who I believe should expire slowly and with difficulty at some point in the near future


1. Carl "Ugly" Wheeler
2. mrjimmytomorrow
3. schadenfreude63
4. lordsonny
5. "Doctor" Hórrible
6. Mr. Lostman
7. Jay (James)
8. Aloria (AWHORIA)
9. Dasafrak
10. Kirk
11. Amanda
12. Roberto Màson
13. necr0tik
14. Landon Aaker
15. Landon Aaker (twice as awful as a standard no. 14 or 15 poster, thus his double inclusion)


  1. You'd better follow through on this is all I have to say.

  2. Stay here for a minute whilst I go and get some ice creams.

  3. FOOL! You may claim that my IQ is but a lowly 7, but the sad truth is we both understand the falsity of that claim. My IQ is 124.3, SIGNIFICANTLY higher than yours!

    This blog is doomed to fail, and I shall dance or spit or both on its early grave!

    I look forward to seeing you collapse under the weight of your own foolishness.

    --Carl Ugly Wheeler

  4. You edited your post, thus completely altering the context of my earlier comment.

    ...Oh well. This is funny, too.

  5. I quit xkcd sucks because I felt bad about criticizing xkcd. I am no longer associated with that blog! Please remove me from this list, Mr. Hughes.

  6. Horrible, you pussy. I'm on that list (under an assumed name) but you don't see me whining. Oh, wait. This is August now, isn't it? =\

  7. What? He reads this thing? I thought he abandoned it!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.